Compoveda Extra Añejo


Compoveda Extra Añejo spends +5 years in French Oak barrels that once aged California red wines, and is then flash-aged in new, medium-charred American Oak finishing barrels.

This unique process results in a natural, 'clean' sweetness, refined oaky nose and unprecedented smooth finish.

Clean and balanced flavor, with complicated layers of vanilla, warm brown spice, cooked agave, creme brulee, oak and maple.

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Our Production


Compoveda Tequila is committed to producing only luxury tequilas. Made in small-batches at a boutique, family-owned and operated distillery, where things are done slowly and with attention to every detail ensures a tequila experience above the rest. 

Our tequilas are:

  • Made from 100% Blue Weber Agave, raised +8 years until maturity

  • Hand-harvested and only from fields controlled by our distillery

  • Slowly cooked for 36 hours in traditional brick ovens for a naturally sweet agave flavor

  • Distilled twice, using traditional copper stills

  • Aged for over 5 years in medium-charred, oak barrels that previously held Napa Valley red wines

  • Flash aged again in new American oak barrels for some additional oak and spice on
    the nose and finish 

  • Filled and sealed by hand, with bottle and barrel numbers marked on every bottle
    to ensure perfection from the distillery to your door

What Our Customers Say


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Come Visit Us

Owned and operated by the Partida family with three generations of tequila-making experience, a stop
at NOM #1477 is sure to provide a unique tequila experience for you and your guests.

Our on-site staff will bring Compoveda club-members behind the scenes of the working distillery including a walk through our estate-owned agave fields, an educational processing tour that culminates in our barrel room for hard-to-come by samples with master distiller, Alberto Partida, and wraps up in our fully stocked tasting room for a sit-down flight and visit to the on-site store.  


Don't forget to schedule your visit in advance, so we know when to expect you.

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Giving Back



Learn more about Isla Urbana

We believe in giving back to the communities where our tequila is born, and one of the most pressing needs across both rural and developed Mexico is access to clean water.


We have partnered with Isla Urbana, a NGO dedicated to bringing rainwater harvesting systems
to needy communities in Mexico.


$5 from every bottle we sell goes directly towards the purchase and installation of residential and school-sized rainwater harvesting systems, allowing our farmers and their families a sustainable, clean source of water.


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